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Financial Advisor FAQs

The Benefits of Using a Financial Advisor

In today’s economic climate, financial markets have become more complex and difficult to navigate, making financial decisions an ever increasingly daunting task. With over 10,000 mutual funds to chose from, dozens of retirement plans, separately managed accounts, and other investment options, the consumer has more choices than ever before… [read more]

Choosing a Financial Advisor

There are many reasons why people choose to work with a financial planner.  Maybe you’ve come into a large amount of money and you want to make sure you invest it wisely, or maybe you’ve come upon hard times financially and you need help coming up with a plan that will assist you in getting caught up and getting out of debt or you may have decided that you should start planning for your retirement.  These are just a few of the reasons to seek out the services of a financial planner… [read more]

Client Rights and Your Financial Advisor

Sometimes we forget that when we hire a service provider, like a financial planner, we have certain client rights that should be met.  This is especially true with people who handle your finances and personal information.    It is perfectly acceptable to ask potential planners for a copy of their client rights.  Most professional planners will have them written and ready to give to you… [read more]

What You Should Know About Your Financial Advisor

There are different times in many people’s lives when they need the services of a financial planner.  With so many planners available it can be difficult trying to decide which ones to contact.  One of the best ways to start is by asking friends and family for recommendations.  Once you have a list of planners you should begin the interview process.  Most financial planners will meet with you and answer questions about their training, experience and fees at no charge… [read more]

Paying Your Financial Advisor

There are different ways that financial planners charge their clients and each way has its own pro’s and con’s.  Making the comparison between the different types can sometimes be confusing, especially if the planner you are interested in combines different fee options… [read more]